Washington, DC  June 12, 2019 – by Rev. Nathan King 

Why march? they ask. It doesn’t do any good. No one will change their mind. Today I go to Washington DC and march on Moral Witness Wednesday with other clergy and faith leaders down Pennsylvania Avenue to deliver – in the words of the Rev. Dr. William Barber – a “prophetic indictment and a moral impeachment” of this administration’s and its supporters’ policies. These policies are literally killing my people. Policies that dehumanize immigrant families, policies that deny healthcare to poor people, policies that condone and encourage racism, policies that strip basic rights from LGBTQ people are acts of policy violence against marginalized communities. These policies are literally killing my people. I go to call this country’s leaders to a higher ideal and a deeper morality that recognizes the image of God in every human being.

I go because I’m Christian and I’m therefore called to amplify the voices of the marginalized and change these abusive systems of violence. I go because I object to the inhumane treatment of human beings at our border. I object to the second class treatment of people living in poverty. I object to the second class, harmful, inhumane, racist way black and brown bodies are treated. And I object to the way this administration is rolling back rights for its LGBTQ citizens. I go as clergy because I follow the ways and teachings of Jesus, and the biblical mandate to liberate the poor and oppressed and to speak truth to power. I go because they cannot go and someone must go.

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